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Saturday, June 2, 2012 @ 9:52 PM
`Movie Review: The Vow

Inspired by true events, The Vow earns it sentimentality instead of being unfairly manipulative, and for this genre, that's a quality that goes a long way. A romantic movie coupled with a fine balance of humor and melodrama, The Vow is a bittersweet amnesia story starring Rachel McAdams as Paige and Channing Tatum as her husband Leo. With the running narration "Life is all about moments of impact...And how they change our lives forever. But what if one day, you could no longer remember any of them?" Can the love of a lifetime find a second chance?
The young wedded couple, who, at the beginning of the movie, are the only ones seen getting out of a downtown Chicago theater. Snow has just fallen, it's quiet and romance is in the air. Paige suddenly gets the kinky idea of making love at the next stop sign. Then a moment of impact happens, literally, as plow rear ends them and sends Paige crashing through the windshield and into a coma.
Weeks later, she wakes up but has no memory of the past four years with Leo or the sacred vow she gave and received on their wedding day. In her mind, she's still a law student living up to her parents’ (Jessica Lange and Sam Neill) lofty expectations; she’s just broken up with her fiancé Jeremy (Scott Speedman); and she hasn’t yet developed the quirks that define her current personality. For instance, she can’t believe she’s a sculptor and a vegetarian, and she’s amazed to learn “the senator?” Barack Obama is now the President of the United States, and that she voted for him.
Still hoping that Paige's memory will come back in just a matter of time, Leo endures the pain of being a stranger to his own wife knowing it is not going to be that easy. Willing to start from the beginning, He is planning to get her fall in love with him again, which is no easy task.

Given everything we know about romantic films, we can visualize outbursts of pain and crying; we know there will be warm moments of smiles and happiness; we know there will be conflicts between Leo and Paige's uptight, snobbish parents, whom Paige's hasn't spoken to in years; and we suspect there will be rekindling of sorts between Paige and Jeremy. In this film, indeed we can anticipate a lot of the movie's scene ahead of time.
It is initially a heartbreaking film which turns out to be a speculative affectionate movie encompassing all efforts and unconditional love of the husband. It is not much of a cliched movie unlike what we expected it to be. The Vow is definitely a great movie that is worth a penny.

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